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About Me

My name is Vanessa

How I began my journey

Through my own therapeutic work which began in 1998 and by finding recovery from addiction in 2002, I have been able to start the journey of freedom to explore the beliefs that I had created in my childhood and early adulthood

I have achieved this through working with some incredible people and by believing (at times faintly) that something different was possible for me

I have come to understand that my experiences have been a gift to me and have given me an awareness of some of the challenges that life can bring


How this can benefit you

Through the experiences that I've had in my life, I have come to believe that in transcending the challenges that we are presented with, we free ourselves to walk towards a life of purpose


We can walk together on the journey towards the life and relationships that you want for yourself

I offer the openness of my healing heart, as well as compassion and care


My experience

I am a psychotherapist registered with the International Council of Integrative Psychotherapists

I have a Diploma in Transpersonal Therapeutic Counselling from Clearmind International Institute and a

Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling from Chichester Counselling Services

I have attended local and international workshops on leadership and purpose

 and have supported others in their workshops

I am currently training as a trauma informed therapist (with Forward-Facing Institute)

and as a Shamanic Practictioner (with The Sacred Trust)


About Me: About Me

“I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being”


About Me: Famous Quote
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